building and construction

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here you can see how this rigger is built, step by step ...   first frame, still looking heavy..
here u see the frame full perforated like cheese  
again the cheese frame   i sheeded the inside of the frame with 1mm plywood ...
  frame with sponsors and the new Zenoah engine
Zenoah engine mounted in the frame ,here with a graupner pipe..  
front with sponsors and Zenoah engine   close up with engine mounts
  fuel tank and styrofoam for shape and flotation ...
frame with rudder..  
transom with tube for flexcable..   radio box with the servo,s already in place
  new watercooled Zenoah cilinder .. made and and design : ronald koops
zenoah ready to go ..  
  view from top ...
  side view
almost done  
front side   front with sponsons

it all started with some plates of wood..