The waterCOOLEST engine Ever Made

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Looks just like a Quick draw

From the front the really nice square MTC cooling head with the water nipples looks really QD Huh ??

Coil mounts to square head

From the back it shows how easy it is to put the coil back on the cylinder mounting it to the square head. just under the coil it shows i have removed the back cooling fins on the lathe.

Click the pics for closer look

Another one from the back i only need to find a solution for the kill switch....

MTC Cooling head

These are the first pics after i have tested the engine i will note if i can build more and how i will build them as it takes a lot of time i will build them only on special order and only as a full mod engine (note only for the dutchies not for the US)

Screen Shot: Project BOB

This completes the project sofar, i will post the results as soon i have put this baby into a boat.

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