The NEW adjustments i made

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Top speed !! (photo courtesy of mr Mooij)

The last modification has been a different prop.
I now used a Propshop 7018 propellor which has been modified to take some lift away.
On the first testruns on flat water it gained a 6,5 kph so on choppy water there must be another 3 Kph to gain.
The engine is really coming loose now and i think the revs are going up a little, but the pond is starting to get a little small for the rigger and there are to much poles and swimming platforms in it.
Well sofar so good doing 86.1 Kph now and there is room for more speed as the engine is still bare stock and can do with some mods............

Latest News:
Havent done a lot to the rigger in a while, have been fiddling around with sponsons at the back but these have to go again as they did not had the awaited effect, will keep you updated on more results, maybe i will build a new rigger this winter.


Well havent done anything to it now its doing 99.9 Kph !!, tuned the engine ,added rear sponsons, new S30/4 blade prop new pipe jadajada..